Kashmiri Wazwan: The ultimate gastronomic experience!

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  • Jul 31, 2015, 03:56:00 PM IST
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Kashmiri Wazwan: The ultimate gastronomic experience!
Kashmiris are worldwide known for their beautiful native land and of course their delicious non- vegetarian meals. For an outsider, a typical Kashmiri meal begins with Dumaloo and ends with Roganjosh. But that’s hardly even the basics of a mouthwatering Kashmiri food!
Today we give you an insight into the popular multi-cuisine food of Kashmir, known as the Wazwan. The amount of time, effort and preparations that goes in preparing this 36 course meal is unmatchable. Wazwan is generally prepared on big and special occasions like a wedding. The head chef who prepares these delicious 36 meals, including veg and non-veg, is called Vasta Waza.
So here we take you through the most prominent 18 dishes which constitute a Wazwan.  We bet after watching these extravagant dishes, you would surely want to visit the valley.