WATCH: Nightclub CCTV captures 'ghost' in a haunted bar!

  • Jul 25, 2015, 02:40:00 PM IST
WATCH: Nightclub CCTV captures 'ghost' in a haunted bar!
International Desk: If you believe ghost then after watching this video, we bet, you will be. A CCTV camera in a nightclub has appeared to have captured "ghost".
The video was taken at the Dream Water Lounge wine spa, in Stockton Heath, Cheshire. 
The bar, opened in April, has a history of strange goings. The staff and contractors complained has been complaining an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere.
That's not all, another spooky clip filmed on the club's surveillance system shows what looks like heavy rainfall indoors.
Simon Ellison, whose father owns the venue, claims to have experienced a number of unexplainable events - including watching one of the bathroom taps snap on its own on CCTV.
Image courtesy-YouTube
Video courtesy-Martin Newland/YouTube